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Championship of Spain in professional floristics

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A unique event, organized for the first time  by  ARAIK GALSTYAN MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FLORAL DESIGN SCHOOL in Spain,was an impressive success.

Congratulations to the first winners. The first place was taken by Zian Lin from China, the second place by Maria Nazina from Russia. The third place went to the Russian citizen Catherine Rodina. In addition to the top three winners: Tatyana Krasnopolskaya from Russia is the fourth, Rupali Shiti Sadalaj from the USA — the fifth and Farida Kalim from Pakistan — the sixth.

The competition was attended by: Kirsten Van Dyke (USA), Narine Berveghian (France), Sandra Wagner (Spain), Lamko Lin (China), Lola Guo (China), Jenny Wang (China), Tatyana Kochetkova (Russia).

We express great gratitude to the sponsors who supported the project. Accessories were provided by Elisabeth Rosello and Rillo. Flowers and plants from the companies Plantes Vega, Verdi Dioni, Reigemat, Llado Torrents, Flors Bertram, Redondo Safont.


Make up: school by David Molina

Model management: Dinadessoficial

Official photographer: Paco Sellens Pascual

Marios Vayanos from Greece became the president of the jury of the contest Flowers World Barcelona International Mercabarna Flor Cup 2018. The jury included authoritative florists-designers: Ricardo Malta (Portugal), Inmaculada Talens Ferrus (Spain), Natalia Studennikova (Russia), Natalia Prokoshina (Russia), Ekaterina Karapetyan (Russia), Maria Smith (Argentina), Nicolas Sahuhede (France).

President of the Technical Committee: Paco Medina Mateos.

The technical committee included Olesya Novikova (Russia), Nune Mkrtchan (Spain), Saklos Alberto (Portugal), Alla Stefanyuk (Portugal) Arnold Salvador (Philippines), Viorika Nistorika (Italy)

Organizers: Araik and Ani Galstyan and Elena Tovares — Asociación de Empresarios Mayoristas de Mercabarna-flor

The author of the project is Araik Galstyan.

Participants of the Championship were able to take part in the five-day seminar of Araik Galstyan, dedicated to participation in large-scale international competitions and refereeing system. In addition to the participants of the championship, florists and designers from all over the world took part in the seminar. The event helped the florists to fulfill the tasks of the Championship at a high level and take prizes.

Join the team of  success.


Floristic Spring in Belgrade

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A seminar and show of the world famous florist-designer Araik Galstyan was held from the 12 to 15th of March in Serbia, in the Belgrade hotel Metropol Palace. This was the first event of the Master in Serbia. Here is how Araik told us about the show and seminar: «Everything was organized just perfectly. Serbia is a very beautiful and hospitable country. I was here for the first time and I liked its people very much. The seminar was held at the highest level. Many students came from all over the world. They have created very bright and original works. We all got a lot of valuable experience in these three days «. The event was organized by the founder and owner of Ivani Studio, Ivana Dragovich. Photo-story was created by photographers Philip Grbich and Ranko Lazovic. Models were presented from the agency Sigma Model Management. Make up from Katarina Panik and Marina Popovich (Nevena Simic Hair style). Sound and light: Koce Sound and Ilija Cirkovic.Music: Srdjan Krsmar, Zlatiborac. Flowers were provided by Alexandra Farms David Austin and Yu Decorative materials from companies: Cvetni dekor and Yu Dresses for the show were provided by the designer Predrag Djuknik. General partner of the event: Zarubezh-Expo company Moscow. Special thanks to a group of students who helped in the preparation of the show demonstration: Ruzica Lulich, Tihomir Koschak, Tony Kammarata, Tamara Krasnopolskaya, Tanya Derzanik, Milika Djukic, Verica Bozinska, Frizia Quencharynka, Frizia Suzana Lonyak, Daniela Domuz, Ivan Dragovich, Ela Petrinich, Tanya , Snezhana Barilovich, Ivanka Shkrinyarich, Branka Marevich, Spomenka Fabianchich, Tatyana Yaksich, Marina Stanik, Zoritsa Ivich-Raenovich.


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 A unique seminar of the world-famous florist-designer Araik Galstyan was held  at the school Le Bonheur in the Chinese city of Guangzhou on the eve of the Chinese New Year.
The Le Bonheur school is especially interesting, because among its students there are  those who already have a profession study , but would like to realize themselves in a new field. Here they learn  Le Bonheur  art of floristry and photography, painting and making Korean fragrant candles, as well as other crafts related to the aesthetic side of our life. After finishing school, former office workers can start a new life as a florists or pastry cooks, bakers or photographers. Classes are held for professionals and beginners as well with any convenient for the listeners timetable.
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-14 at 12.02.56 PM (4)
This time, the five-day seminar in Guangzhou turned into the beginning of a strong friendship between Chinese and Russian florists. These were the days with a very warm and cordial atmosphere, filled with the creative energy of Araik Galstyan, who was able to find for each student  a personal  approach.
The organizer of the seminar is Le Bonheur School

Flowers World International Sochi Russia Cup’2017

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A unique floristic event -Flowers World International CIS Sochi Russia Cup’2017 took place recently in hospitable Sochi. The competition of professionals was organized by the world-famous florist-designer Araik Galstyan and florists-designers Ivan and Alena Bazin.

Flower artists from different cities and countries came to the contest: Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Maikop, Goryachy Klyuch, Orel, Nalchik, Volgograd, Simferopol, Obninsk, Pereyaroslavets, Lermontovo, as well as Italy, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. All the most creative forces have  gathered in sunny southern Sochi.
In total, the participants of the competition had to perform four compositions, the subjects of two of them were known by the participants — the so-called «homework», and two of them  were the «surprise — tasks».
The first unknown one  was the «Christmas Composition». The second task of the competition was the homework «Winter Wedding Bouquet». The fourth task, homework- table decoration called «Christmas table», the participants performed it with brilliance. As a result, festive tables of incredible beauty have decorated the banquet room at the Pullman Hotel. The third task was also a surprise — to create  the most familiar  and no less complicated «Spiral Bouquet». Moreover, the contestants had to perform this task at a Gala Dinner in 45 minutes and already in evening dresses. And despite all these difficulties, the fragrant roses of David Austin and other beautiful flowers from the sponsors of the «7 Colors» project, Decoflora and ALEXANDRA FARMS have amazed the imagination of the guests of the Gala Dinner.
Afterwards, a festive banquet and a solemn rewarding of the winners took place. The first place was won by Peter Anokhin (Kyrgyzstan), he received the Gold Cup, the winner’s diploma and the money certificate for 3000 euros. Second place — Viorika Nistorika (Moldova, Italy) — Silver Cup, diploma and money certificate for 2000 euros.
Third place — Marina Kogut (Russia, Krasnodar) — Bronze Cup, diploma and money certificate for 1000 euros. The fourth place — Karina Kazancheva (Russia, Nalchik) — diploma and money certificate for 500 euros. Fifth place — Natalia Olipir (Russia, Maikop) — diploma and a cash certificate for 300 euros. The prize of audience sympathy was won by three florists-designers: Alla Shishkovski (Russia, Simferopol), Christian Khokhlovsky (Moldova), Natalia Olipir (Russia, Maikop).

Some prizes and diplomas were awarded to: Elena Bolshakova (Russia, Krasnodar), Lala Pupchenko (Russia, Goryachy Klyuch), Olga Popova (Russia, Maloyaroslavets), Zalina Balkizova (Russia, Nalchik), Ekaterina Novachuk (Russia, Krasnodar), Silva and Mariam Karapetyan (Russia, Obninsk), Anna Shpak (Russia, Krasnoyarsk), Alexandra Kandalintseva (Russia, Irkutsk), Maria Nazina (Russia, Volgograd), Olga Khvostikova (Russia, Krasnodar), Marina Yuzefova (Russia, Voronezh), Daria Yundina Russia, Krasnodar)
The atmosphere of universal creativity has filled the
 hall. Two thousand bright and beautiful photos of participants with their works, warm congratulations and fiery dances — the feast of beauty  had lasted until 4 am!


Flower and Fashion Festival in Moldova

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For the first time in the capital of Moldova a unique event took place, on the stage of the Palace of the Republic a unique show of a world scale — THE FIRST PREMIUM WORLD FLORAL SHOW IN MOLDOVA.IMG-7986 IMG-8003

The show was held in the program of the FIRST INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION EXPO-RUSSIA MOLDOVA 2017, which takes place from October 10 to 12, 2017. The beautiful Moldovan models in gorgeous dresses from the top designers of the brands Raquette and Di Vero, accompanied by the magnificent gentlemen in suits of the unrivaled Viggo were presented on the stage. But the main protagonists of the beauty holiday were floristic accessories and creative bouquets from the world-famous florist-designer Araik Galstyan made from fragrant roses from David Austin Wedding and Gift Roses and Alexandra Farms Exceptional Garden Roses, as well as from unique orchids vanda from the company Anco pure Vanda. All that literally burst out the hall with applause from the audience.

IMG-8061 IMG-8008 IMG-8007 The event was held thanks to the support of Zarubezh Expo company, as well as with the assistance of Avva Production, and Moldavian auto club AutoRetroTuning.
The general media partner of the show is the internet portal Media partner: Organizers and sponsors of the show: Karolina Tikhohod, Mille Fiori Agency and Lyudmila Posiletskaya, Aster Club. IMG-8006 IMG-8001 IMG-8002 IMG-8004 IMG-8005 IMG-7999 IMG-7998 IMG-7997 IMG-7996 IMG-7995 IMG-7990 IMG-7991 IMG-7991_1 IMG-7992 IMG-7993 IMG-7987_1 IMG-7987 IMG-7986 IMG-7984 IMG-7983_1


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Today the next course is finished. ARAIK GALSTYAN MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FLORAL DESIGN SCHOOL MBA. The learning process for the students of the course became a kind of fascinating journey that began in Naples, then continued in Sardinia and ended at the ARAIK GALSTYAN PORTUGAL INTERNATIONAL FLORAL DESIGN SCHOOL.

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These two weeks have become a real discovery for the students of the course. They not only managed to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of floristry from Araik Galstyan, but also learned new techniques and innovative technologies that make it possible to increase the profitability of the floristic business.

18789642_764346623739858_1608033338_o 18817670_764346620406525_132303568_o Natalia Prokoshina Diploma Ekaterina Karapetyan Diploma
The unique nature of the Mediterranean, the creativity of the creative team, new ideas all created an unforgettable atmosphere in which learning has turned into an exciting and tempting game in which the main prize is the basis for successful business. After all, this is what is taught in ARAIK GALSTYAN MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FLORAL DESIGN SCHOOL MBA.

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Workshop, Show-Ceremony of Araika Galstyan in Italy on the island of Sardinia

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From May 20 to 22 , on the island of Sardinia,Italy  a unique seminar of Araik Galstyan  took place on the topic «Making Wedding Celebrations».

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The event was held in the format of the show ceremony. All the subtleties of wedding floristics, including a bridal bouquet, interior decoration and table decoration were presented to the participants.
Those who did not miss this unique opportunity to visit the master class of Araik Galstyan could get acquainted with the rich program of the seminar, which gave the florists a powerful charge of inspiration and creativity, as well as a lot of creative ideas which  they could  bring with them to  their countries!


We are grateful for cooperation  to David Austin Roses, Alexandra Farms, Megica Flor, Floral Art and everyone who was present at the seminar.

More photos you can see here:                                                                                                                   Workshop, Show-Ceremony of Araika Galstyan in Italy on the island of Sardinia

Gala Show of Araik Galstyan & Le Mani Parlano, Italy

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No matter  what kind of event you   visit in Italy, there will necessarily always be everything  beautiful and delicious and  spiritual atmosphere will reign..

Thus from May, 14 to 18 in Italy, in the city of Aversa in the province of Caserta were held  the Flower Parade, Demonstration and Grand Gala Show of Araik Galstyan .

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These were memorable events. The perfect  organization, interesting work, live emotions of the author and the public, the true harmony between flowers, colours and art!

viber image

We thank  for  cooperation the company  David Austin Roses, Alexandra Farms, Oasis Floralife, Clayrton’s-Cv Cristal. We are very grateful to Eleanor Clevenger, Wouter and Thom. And also thank you everybody for your presence and friendly atmosphere.

More photos you can see here:  Gala Show of Araik Galstyan & Le Mani Parlano, Italy

Kazakhstan Christmas WORLD PREMIUM

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Next amazing and major show of master Araik Galstyan was held in Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan.

On 27 of November was in the gorgeous concert and entertainment complex

Organizers were Luxury floral boutique La Fleur by Mimidi Almaty and La Event Almaty and official representative of Araik Galstyan in Central Asia company Flora Service. They invite Araik Galstyan to  present his magic floral show Christmas WORLD PREMIUM in honor of  opening the representative in Kazakhstan.

A huge number of beautiful flowers, delightful crearions , beautiful models, amazing defile of Kazakhstan designers, pop stars of Kazakhstan, bright dances from Diamanté. All of these unforgettable memories from the show Christmas WORLD PREMIUM by Araik Galstyan.

Maestro has enthralled Kazakhstan,  all are looking forward to see  masters of floristic and his creations again in 2017.

General sponsors are french Aircraft Manufacturing company Dassault Aviation and apartment complex «Latifa residence» .
Our partners: FLORA SERVICE KYRGYZSTAN, designers of Kazakhstan Aida Kaumenova and Tatiana Tarverdyan, jewelry house «Yanush Gioielli», multifunctional complex «VILLA Boutiques & Restaurants», boutique hotel «MAQAN», jewelry boutique «Yana», Association of Armenians in Kazakhstan «MASIS», cosmetics company «L’OCCITANE», jewelry company «La Vien En», studio of ready invitations «Dream Maker», dancing studio «Gala Dance», ballet show «Diamante», company «Vales & Spirits», singer Anastasiya Careya, confectionery company «ARTUS», аAssociation of French business partners «Amitie».
Many thanks to the students: Yuliya Solodovnikova, Liliya Brussenko, Anastasiya Brussenko , Victoriya Taskulova,
Anatolii Socinschi, Liliya Khan, Кarina Galieva, Nellia Barysheva, Natalia Kazakova, Svetlana Buzenkova, Elena Dagazieva, Olesiya Maksimova, Aida Caibatova, Zarima Abdrakhmanova, Oksana Khvan, Lui-ki Iuliia, Oxana Mussina, Zor Aleksandra, Aigerim Dauletbayeva, Saule Nurmukhanova, Guldana Dukembayeva, Dana Mukanova-Khurshudyan, Elena Kinjitayeva, Viktoriya Belgibayeva, Naufal Kattabaev, Anastasiya Li, Olga Khan, Boryan Goar, Ekaterina Kozlova, Irina Stebliakova, Asantasiia Denisenko, Petr Anohin, Ruslan Valiev.

Photographers: Boris Alexeyev and Ilya Nazarenko.

Read more about this show you can here: ;



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