Araik Galstyan

               Araik Galstyan-Russian florist-designer

   -Founder of Araik Galstyan Floral Design House,

   -Founder and director of Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School,

  -Founder of the floristic Magazine  «Flowers World».

 Awardee of a number of floristic contests in different  countries

The only florist of the world who had  twice  won the  honorable Award of People’s Choice- in 2010 World’s Championship of  Professional Floristic in China and in 2011  Europe’s  Championship of Professional Floristic in Czech Republic.

Official florist-designer in the Russian Branch of auction house-  Sotheby’s in Moscow, company Bloomberg (USA),  in capital’s «Fair of Millionairie», Moscow Internatiopnal Festival of Cultures- «Traditions and  Modernity » and  in other  events of state level.

Leads seminars and show-demonstrations all over the world. The list of his records is made up of   realizations of prestigious projects and participation in a number  floristic  demonstrations, exhibitions and contests all over the world. Araik is often invited as a judge in the international floristic contests. He leads master-classes  and  is devoted to the creative  seeking of new ideas and techniques in the floristic.

Professional motto: to  reflect the fleeting beauty of flowers in his works!

Aim: creation of high-rank art works for the commercial market  with the emphasize on respect to  the individualism  of every single flower.

Skillful combination of the striving at the perfect harmony between the flowers and perpetual artistic seeking and self perfection are the meaning of his existence.


1990–1995–Yerevan Art  College  P. Terlemeziyan, Faculty of  Painting

1993–1998 – Yerevan University, Faculty of  Arts




– Florist at Brabion Flora Service Company, Erevan, Armenia

– Winner of the contest ‘The flower of the World’, Erevan, Armenia

– Participant of a floral contest in Russia. Chief  florist and executive  director of the company  «Avangard Studio» (after 2008, the Araik’s floral boutiques work under ‘Araik Galstyan’ trademark)

– Participant of the ‘International Annual Floral Art’ project.

– Participant of the professional floristic European contest ‘Euro Cup 2007’ in Slovenia.

– Mega finalist at REN TV program.

– Participant of the ‘International Annual Floral Art’ project.

– President of Armenian Florists Association.

– Official flower designer for Moscow Millionaires Fair

– Official flower designer for Sotheby’s Russian branch in Moscow

– Instructor of the Armenian florist who took part in the Europa Cup 2008 for juniors.

— Official florist-designer  of Moscow International Festival of Cultures- «Traditions and  Modernity » 


– Participant and winner of People’s Choice Award in the 13-th Interflora World Cup in Shanghai, China  (Dutch Creations People’s Choice Award),
– Floral shows, demonstrations and master classes in Russia, Armenia, Italy, Mexico, Brasil, Spain and all over the world,
– Decoration for a hall of ancient castle Landcommanderij Alden Biesen, Belgium.

– Participation in the floral show at IPM 2011, Germany,
– Opening International Floral Design School in SKOLKOVO, Moscow (ARAIK GALSTYAN Moscow International Floral Design School),
– Participation in the Europa Cup 2011 in Czech Republic; winner of Dutch Creations People’s Choice Award in Europa Cup 2011;  1st place for the best innovative design and for the best technical execution.

– Decoration for Speakers’ Dinner in Pashkov House, Moscow (Russia)
– Participation in Festival “Flower Party” in Kiev, Ukraine.

— Creation of the  evening gown of 2000 flowers of Vanda Blue Magic orchid (11, 92 m)

– Show in Spain,
– Show in Portugal,
– Show Luxury Flowers in Kiev, Ukraine,
– International show “Three Days of Top Floral Design” in Moscow (Russia)
– Decoration for courtyard of Alden Biesen castle, Belgium,
– Show with  Gregor Lersch  in Yerevan, Armenia,
– Show with Daniel Santamaria  in Barcelona, Spain,
– Show “Innovative Floral Art” in Mexico,
– Show “Innovative Floral Art” in Brazil.


– Participation in the Favorites of Europa Cup 2013 show at IPM Essen  2013 (Germany)

— Workshop in Portugal;      

— Show in Guatemala;      

— Workshop and show in Brazil;             

— Symposium «Passion»  in Las-Vegas, USA;       

— Show  «A Day of top Floral design» in Crocus EXPO 2013, Moscow (Russia);  

— Show «Event decoration» with Gregor Lersch  in Yerevan, Armenia;               

— Workshop and show «Floral revolution» with Daniel Santamaria and Elena Butko in Kiev, Ukraine;  

 — Show with Elly Lin in Taipei, Taiwan;                                   

— International  judge at  «Taiwan Cup Final» and  «International Floral design award»;    

— Workshop and «Wedding show» in Buenos-Aires, Argentina;                           

— Show «Christmas» with Savina Mazei in Rome, Italy;                                  

Workshop and Christmas demonstration in Venezia, Italy.



-Show in Pakistan; Jury in Pakistan Cup

-“Symposium in Mexico

-Workshop in Italy

-Workshop for Master florists in Moscow (Russia)

-International show Three Days of Top Floral Design in Moscow (Russia)

-Workshop and show in France

-Show in Taiwan; Jury in Taiwan Cup

-Show in Brazil

-Workshop and show in Kyrgizstan

-Wedding Instalation and design in India.



-Workshop MBA  in Moscow (Russia)

-Workshop and show in Kyrgizstan

-Wedding Installation and design in India.

-Workshop for Master florists in Moscow (Russia)

-Organization of participation of students  Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School в конкурсе Fleurope-Interflora World Cup 2015

-Workshop in Rome, Italy

-Summer workshop in Barcelona, Spain

-Workshop in Porto, Portugal

-Workshop in Kazan, Russia

-Practical workshop and International show A Day of Top Floral Design in Moscow (Russia)

-Workshop and show in Krasnodar, Russia. Show win the nomination «Event of the year in Krasnodar.

-Workshop and show in Barcelona, Spain

-Show in Taiwan; Jury in Taiwan Flower Awards

-Organizing competition Flowers World CIS International CUP 2015

-Workshop and show in Kazan, Russia



Project Floristic dinner in Portugal

Wedding World Premium Workshop and show in Madrid

Workshop in Moscow

Wedding World Premium show in Orel

Demonstrations in Malta

Workshop, Wedding World Premium Show and Flowers World Isyk-Kul Cup 2016 in Kyrgyz Republic

Wedding World Premium show in Poland

Wedding World Premium Show at Pasarela Costura España in Madrid

Wedding World Premium Show and workshop in Romania

Demonstration during 4th China Cup Flower Design Contest in China

Workshop in Barcelona

Workshop, Flowers World International Portugal Cup 2016 and demonstration in Portugal

Practical workshop and  show A Day of Top Floral Design in Moscow, Russia

Workshop and Wedding World Premium show in Krasnodar

Show during World Flower Forum in France

Plastiflora Christmas World Premium show in Poland

Workshop in Barcelona

Wedding project in India

Demonstration and Flowers World International Armenia & CIS CUP 2016 in Armenia

Workshop and Christmas World Premium Show in Kazakhstan



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Flower design without borders – «Avangard Studio», Russia 2008

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Catalog of the  IV-th  Moscow International Festival of Arts  «Traditions and Modernity», Moscow, 2010

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Formidable Florists , Isabel Gilbert Palmer

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