Per Benjamin

Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1970 on 18th of August.

Flowers have always taken an important place in my life, and today one can even say they have become my life. To have ones passion and main interest as a full time job is a privilege. My driving force in life and career is the sheer fun and happiness I find in working with flowers and people. I find the connection between people and flowers being the most interesting aspect of this profession. How we, in different situations, can explain our feelings, or project them, telling things without words, but with flowers. To be this person is a true joy!

Today I work in my own company,”Benjamin’s Botaniska” (Benjamin’s Botanicals) and with Life3 together with Max and Tomas. Both being consultancy companies, not ordinary flower shops.

I have the opportunity to work on a wide field covering most of the floral industry. My work ranges from demonstrations, workshops, seminars, school teaching, shop make-overs, economy and sales knowledge, team and leaderships courses, shop coaching, bigger events and party decorations and the occasional day in a flower shop.

I have, over the last 10 years, since my World Cup victory, had the opportunity to work all around the world with companies, organizations and associations of all sizes and range. I have learnt and gathered experience both in life and within the profession that cannot have a value placed on it — a true gift! I would like to thank everyone I have worked with around the flower globe!

All of this started with my interest in flowers as a child and at the age of 16 my luck to find a flower shop to work in for holidays and weekends. This lead the way to a growing interest, learning over the years, a full time job after high school where I studied natural science, and eventually my Craftsmanship diploma with a silver medal in 1994. After that I have worked in several shop and competed in plenty of competitions. Competitions, I have to say, are one of the best of ways to challenge your self and your creativity and an optimal way to grow as designer; I recommend them.

Apart from this I have, for three years, been responsible for a Florist education in Stockholm. I think this has been the job that has given me the most, to be able to show and give my inspiration and passion for my work to others, to provide them with the necessary knowledge and then see how they translate it into their own ideas.

Teaching of all kinds is my strongest passion. Combining flowers, design, expression and people — it is a perfect combination!

And from the summer of 2002 (after the World Cup in Holland) I have been a member of LIFE3, a co-operation between the European top 3 florists, Max van der Sluis from Holland, Tomas de Bruyne from Belgium and me. LIFE3 is an international company that offers demonstrations, shows, books, workshops, seminaries, teaching, trend views, and lots more within the flower industry and beyond that. We have over, the past soon to be 10 years, experienced and changed a lot, always a true pleasure working in a group. Challenging as well as truly developing as both a person and a professional.

I have, both on my own and together as a part of Life3, been fortunate enough to do the most fascinating assignments over these years, none of which I will ever forget. This experience has made me grow as a person and a designer. Most valuable for me have been all the personal contacts, all these creative and social people, fellow designers I have had the pleasure of meeting. See under ”Worldwide” for further information.

My warmest thanks and gratitude to all former and new colleagues in this fantastic profession!


1996: Stockholm Open, 2nd

1997: Swedish championships, winner. Stockholm Open, 2nd,
Assistant to the Swedish participant, Nicklas Jensen in the World Cup in Amsterdam.

1998: Stockholm Open, Winner,
Scandinavian Championships in Finland, 4th,
Skånska Open Championships, 2nd.

1999: Stockholm Open, 2nd,
Swedish Championships,
Europa Cup in Linz, Austria, 7th

2000: Scandinavia Championships, Winner. Stockholm Open

2001: Stockholm Open, 2nd

2002: Fleurop Interflora World Cup, winner. Stockholm Open, Winner.

2003: Scandinavian Championships in Norway, winner!

2004: Assistant for the Swedish participant, Tomas Kallin, in World Cup in Melbourne.

2010: Assistant for the Swedish participant, Johan Pettersson, in World Cup in Shanghai

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